About us


The wine tells about a family history

First of all, we are winemakers, we love our land and take care of it with genuine passion, considering our roots as a strong value for the future. We seriously respect our land as we live on its fruit: it gives us food, drinks and liven up our tables, it gives us work and teaches us the true values of life. This is why our land, nature and wine are the foundation of our winery. From generation to generation every choice we have made has followed the same philosophy: producing great wines which are the direct expression of a unique land

Good wine for over half a century

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vendita vino online

Luca Biagi

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Fabrizio Biagi

Tradition and family

The history of our family intertwines with the history of our land, our vineyards and our wine. Passion, sacrifice and love for our work are the ingredients with which in the forties our forefather and grandfather Giovanni Biagi started producing high quality wines, then passed it down with enthusiasm to his son Mariano. Now his grandchildren, Fabrizio and Luca, who have treasured all the family teaching, are going on with innovation and dynamism.